feels like friday « covid.house

1 jul 2020 » day 109 for me & the kids; day 106 for TheWife

some assholes in the neighborhood were setting off booms after midnight, which made TheDog pretty unhappy, and didn’t do a whole lot for my attempts to go to bed early. after we got settled back down, i had weird dreams about roadtriping through hell (or maybe it was just arizona?) for what felt like most of the night.

out of bed around 0700. standup at 0830 and then into the rest of the day. had a retro call with a client for the first phase of a project — they seemed pleased, and we had a good conversation about things we’d all learned and how to approach a second phase. the big good news, of course, is they want a quote on a second phase…

took a brief break in the afternoon and updated my now page for july. wrote an outline for an upcoming article, and then stared at it for a while without actually managing to start turning it into words. deadline on that is coming up so i will be forcing that one out tomorrow one way or the other.

TheDog and TheWife visited the vet for various vaccine boasters, nail trimming, and butt gland squeezing in the early evening, and then we all had a late dinner.

kidna want to try to go to bed early again; but also kinda feel like it’s gonna be pointless because assholes will do more booms…

lunch: sandwich

dinner: chicken caesar salad