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2 jul 2020 » day 110 for me & the kids; day 107 for TheWife

our house sits on the corner of a reasonably major cross street and a dead end street. there’s a guy who walks his corgi up and down the dead end street. the corgi — as corgis will do — sort of constantly grumblebarks under his breath the entire time. this sets off TheDog and she starts barking her damn fool head off.

this wouldn’t be all that annoying …except that it happens 2 or 3 times a week and it happens at 0630. so on those days, i wake up early, and i wake up angry.

guess what happened today? oh yeah.

after that, well, the rest of the day was fairly anticlimatic. couple calls, lot of grinding on an article.

takeaway dinner, since it’s effectively friday.

lunch: leftover pizza

dinner: takeaway tacos