reentry is hard «

6 jul 2020 » day 114 for me & the kids; day 111 for TheWife

alarm went off until 0630; i snoozed that shit on and off until about 0730, because post-holiday weekend monday is hard, yo.

did standup, then showered and did the every-so-often shaving thing. there’s still a face under there, in case anybody was wondering.

mildly productive day at work. given the reentry-ish nature of the day, i think i reached “acceptable”. started reviewing slides for what will be my first webinar fully remote conference talk.

quiet evening (aside from the residual booms, grrrrr).

a programming note: at their request, the person formerly referred to herein as “Ms13” will be referred to as “Mx13” until further notice. thank you for your observation of this change.

lunch: sandwich

dinner: buffalo chicken wings, corn