seems like 7/7 should be a luckier day than it was, doesn’t it? «

7 jul 2020 » day 115 for me & the kids; day 112 for TheWife

slept in a little bit. solid morning of phone calls and then the rest of the day just kinda …never came together.

around lunchtime we took a little break and got some legal papers notarized — on a folding table in our driveway, which was novel. (all parties wore masks, naturally.)

did a little bit of PROJECT APOLLO work in the evening. something i had hoped would be made simple with the aid of a library looks like it’s actually going to be more like a pain in the ass, yet doable, with the aid of a library.

still booming in the evenings, much to the dismay of TheDog.

glancing at the jhu map, i see that the world is probably going to break 12,000,000 confirmed cases tomorrow, and the US will almost certainly break 3,000,000 confirmed cases. this feels like it’s never going to actually end.

lunch: charcuterie plate (i.e., cold cuts by themselves instead of in a sandwich)

dinner: delivery pizza