(c)hump day « covid.house

8 jul 2020 » day 116 for me & the kids; day 113 for TheWife

up around 0700. moderately productive day — mostly some web page stuff.

little bit of APOLLO in the evening as i sat in the hack salem virutal chat meeting. never underestimate the deep satisfaction of running core library test coverage up to 100%.

concurrently with the meeting, baked some bread.

not totally sure why but i was in a bit of funk today pretty much from the get-go. might be time to schedule a little time off work, maybe?

in the wider world: as expected, the US broke 3MM cases today. and the FedGov is talking about what amounts to extortion to force public schools to reopen on schedule in the fall. there’s a lot of anger mixed in with my funk, now that i think about it.

lunch: leftover pizza

dinner: different leftover pizza