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24 jul 2020 » day 133 for me & the kids; day 130 for TheWife

so, today was the 27th anniversary of TheWife and I tying the knot. no way, 27 years ago, in a flooded-out Iowa City, Iowa, would I have expected to be where we are.

today was also the end of our 19th week in the isolation. the world is over 15 million cases; over 4 million of which are in the US. 145,000-plus of my fellow americans have died.

it was a day of some mixed feelings, i guess.

both TheWife and I took the day off work (well, technically, I went to one standup meeting in the morning), but we didn’t really end up doing anything together, so much? I installed a new access point, which will improve the WiFi speed in her office so she can stream work meetings there, rather than having to relocate to closer to the other access point in the house. while I was doing that, TheWife and Mx13 went out to do some geocaching.

after lunch, they went back out for more, and I laid down for a “short” nap that ended up being ~3 hours long. got up from that and deep-cleaned the kitchen, including the grease filter and the grates from the stove. Go me.

takeaway mexican for dinner, followed by a round of Catan with Mx13 and TheWife (i won!), then general lazing on the couch until bedtime.

lunch: sandwich

dinner: shredded beef nachos