eventually solid saturday « covid.house

25 jul 2020 » day 133 for me & the kids; day 130 for TheWife

got woken up earlier than desired, because our neighbor was having a garage sale (during a fucking pandemic what the fucking fuck?!?), and TheDog wasn’t down with that. it’s hard to sleep through barking, y’all.

started some bread going, and got it to the point where it needed to just rise and ferment for several hours.

ate lunch, then spent some time in my office converting PROJECT APOLLO over to typescript … or, at least, attempting to do that. jury is still out on whether or not it’s gonna stick, i think.

after a few hours trying to get tests back to passing, it was back in to finish up the bread. it turned out okay, i guess. kinda crazy that this was the thirtieth loaf (30! geez!) i’ve done since The Isolation started — i’ve always claimed that i wasn’t a baker, didn’t have the patience for how exact you needed to be, hated how it reminded me of the worst parts of wet lab biology, etc etc etc, but …here i am. thirty loaves in, and messing around with… well, basically, wet lab biology shit.

takeaway dinner, then we broke open photosynthesis (the board game) for the first time. TheWife won, despite spending the majority of the game complaining she didn’t know what she was doing.

lunch: leftover pizza

dinner: takeaway carne asada tacos