literally shitty tuesday «

28 jul 2020 » day 136 for me & the kids; day 133 for TheWife

tuesday started in the very early morning, when TheDog woke us up around 1am with an accidental poop situation. it was very very weird and we’re hoping it doesn’t represent some sort of medical issue for her, because it’s very atypical for her to lose control like that. (we won’t mention the scooting, but omg, the scooting. also not normal.)

once we got everything cleaned up and got back to sleep, the rest of the night and really the rest of the day was uneventful. i had a marathon set of calls from 0930 to 1330 or so, then a lunch break, then another late afternoon call. felt like a good “productive” day, although i didn’t end up crossing that many things off my list.

i guess that’s how it goes sometimes.

delicious carnitas prepared by TheWife and Mx13 rounded out the day nicely.

(meta: as i go to publish today’s entry, i realize: i never committed yesterday’s entry, which means i didn’t push it to the repo, which means it didn’t get published. sigh)

lunch: leftover pizza

dinner: tacos de carnitas