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10 sep 2020 » day 180 for me & the kids; day 177 for TheWife

if you wrote a story where one of the main plot points was the police suffocating somebody while he cried out, “i can’t breathe”, followed by a nation-wide wave of protests that used that phrase as a rallying cry; protests that were met largely with even more overwhelming force, and then you capped the story off with a natural disaster that filled the air with smoke and made it literally difficult for everybody to breathe …well, some might say you were being a little bit heavy handed with the symbolism.

turns and stares directly into the camera

relatedly, the aqi was over 400 today pretty much every time i checked. i think i saw one in the 200s but it was after midnight. i keep hoping every morning it’s gonna look different when i peak out the blinds. here’s hoping for tomorrow

today, mostly more PROJECT CATCHUP crunch time. we’re making progress, even though it’s still mostly progress we didn’t realize we needed to make, if you know what i mean. tomorrow i remain hopeful i will get a chance to work on the aspect of it that i’ve been trying to get time to work on since …tuesday.

lunch: pizza

dinner: tuna fish sandwich