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11 sep 2020 » day 181 for me & the kids; day 178 for TheWife

yeah, i know. today is A Particular Day.

we’re not gonna talk about that tho. we’re gonna talk about how this marks the end of our 26th week in the isolation times. a whole half year. isolated. locked down.

and no end in sight.

our household has — like many — started to engage more with the outside world. we feel like outside events, masked, distanced, are reasonably safe. it helps, a little — but it’s still not the same.

on a more directly shitty level, our fridge also stopped being cold inside today. we went from having a repair scheduled on monday (…ok), to having a repair scheduled next monday (NOT ok!), to having a repair scheduled tomorrow. we only got the more recent one because we swapped appointments with somebody who isn’t at home because they were evacuated — which in and of itself is a whole great big 2020 mood.

we still have our previous fridge, out in our detached garage, so we were able to migrate everything out there (shout out to TheWife, who did the vast majority of this labor while i dealt with some work-related fires) and we didn’t lose much food. it’s still annoying to have to go outside in the smoke to get food, but …we’ll survive. hopefully it’s an easy fix and we’ll have stuff back in the house tomorrow.

speaking of work: PROJECT CATCHUP is barreling towards a monday production window. it’s a little up in the air, and i expect to be working a lot this weekend. it feels worth it.

lunch: sandwich

dinner: la marg takeaway