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12 sep 2020 » day 182 for me & the kids; day 179 for TheWife

spent the vast majority of the day grinding on PROJECT CATCHUP. made quite a bit of progress, to the point where i had around 80% of the production environment stood up. came back in to the house at that point, and instead of sensibly going to bed, ended up watching tv and drinking wine with TheWife until far too late.

the other thing that happened today was a repair person came out to look at the fridge that isn’t cooling anymore. according to him, this failure is just a design defect in the model we have; he’s seen 12 over the past two weeks that all failed in the same way. requires replacing the pump, compressor, and logic board.

and it’s not gonna happen until 30 september, which means a solid 2.5 more weeks of schlepping stuff back and forth from the garage fridge to the house, and having the house “fridge” be a cooler with a couple reusable freezer “bricks” in it. sigh

it could be a lot worse, i know. we’re fortunate we had the space to keep the old fridge around, and privileged that keeping it plugged in and ready to go isn’t at all a burden. still sucks to be schlepping stuff back and forth, especially when you have to slap on a N95 before stepping outside. double sigh

lunch: i think i skipped lunch?

dinner: seared ahi tuna lettuce wraps