long monday day « covid.house

27 sep 2020 » day 198 for me & the kids; day 195 for TheWife

woke up around 4am. tried for a while to get back to sleep — and maybe succeeded a little? — but gave up the struggle around 5am and just got up.

worked out okay because my day started with an 8am meeting anyway. typical work day, albeit with a wednesday deadline for a new feature that i couldn’t start working on until this afternoon because i couldn’t get a sample input file from a vendor.

luckily it’s a pretty small feature and i think i’ve mostly got it coded. knocked off “early” (i.e., didn’t go back at it after dinner), which i hopefully won’t regret too much tomorrow.

had a good mail day, which was a nice highlight.

lunch: sandwich

dinner: takeaway wings from venti’s