two. hundred. days. «

29 sep 2020 » day 199 for me & the kids; day 196 for TheWife

slept pretty well, but had some weird dreams — but they evaporated quickly after i woke up, so i can’t even say what was weird about them, really.

intense work day, getting stuff queued up for a production release tomorrow in advance of some new workflows for the client. (along with an afternoon csa pickup break.)

in the good news section, the fridge repair guy came out a day early and now we have a functional fridge again! it has been a long couple weeks, frens.

in the bad news section, listened to the debate while getting dinner ready. no words.

finally, in the just plain news section, today marks my 200th day here in The Isolation Times. i no longer have any doubt that we’ll still be doing this a year in — assuming, that is, that we’re allowed to. dark look noting for the moment that i’m not sure i’ve got it in me to keep doing this (the diary, specifically, not The Isolation Times) for more than a year…

lunch: some sliced pepperoni eaten standing up at my desk so i didn’t have to go in the house while the fridge guy was in there

dinner: roast chicken, roast cronchy potatoes, green salad with cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette