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6 oct 2020 » day 207 for me & the kids; day 204 for TheWife

got up early and did a production deploy for my current work project. it went fine and it kinda feels like that is unlikely to be a source of excitement in the future, which is exactly how i want it.

immediately after dumped a bunch of backlogged PRs into the test environment and turned QA loose on them, because time waits for no release. …or something.

around mid-morning, our new fridge was delivered and installed. the old fridge is still broken – repair appointment next monday! – but we threw some money at the problem and now there’s an extremely basic fridge down in the basement. which kinda sucks, but sucks way less than having to walk out to the garage. (which, to be fair sucked a bunch but still way less than having no fridge at all.)

csa pickup in the afternoon. little bit of stuff in the afternoon, and then the news broke, and my productivity shattered.

quiet evening – pushed through a bit more work and then sacked out early-ish.

lunch: sandwich