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7 oct 2020 » day 208 for me & the kids; day 205 for TheWife

spent the morning kinda cranky for really no good reason and i think i eventually figured out that i tried to sleep in too much, didn’t actually sleep that much more, and lost out on my quite “before everybody else gets up” time.

so i’m gonna try to not do that anymore.

mostly a solid day, i guess. had a few imprompteau calls that made it hard to find a rhythm, and i’m growing increasingly aware of the approaching end of the week and the looming mass of the remaining feature backlog. may be a work-y kinda weekend. (it’s supposed to rain the whole time so that’s probably okay really.)

watched the debates. obvs, VOTE, because holy shit.

lunch: leftover pizza

dinner: delivery from santiam — it was a tasty burger