2 weeks, give or take « covid.house

19 oct 2020 » day 219 for me & the kids; day 216 for TheWife

kinda standard-issue monday, except that the standard issue monday is the day before release day in my new cadence — so i spent the day doing last minute release manager-y sorts of stuff, while also trying to finalize the planning for the release next week …as you do.

finally broke down and cleaned a bunch of stuff out of the fridge – our fridge discipline has kinda been shit recently, with the main one broken and having to hike out to the garage for most things for a long time. sounds like it’s gonna be another month or so before the main fridge gets replaced, and we cannot keep eating takeaway and pizza at the rate we have been.

so, yeah, binned a bunch of stuff. made some pickles with some stuff that wasn’t too far gone – cukes and sweet peppers. made a big batch of salsa which ended up kinda meh. hopefully the flavors come together a bit overnight.

low-level cranky all day and i’m not sure why.

lunch: pimento cheese sandwich on toasted bread

dinner: leftover pizza