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20 oct 2020 » day 221 for me & the kids; day 218 for TheWife

up early for release day. relased a new version of the software; everything worked. key user loves new feature that i added at the last moment based on key user feedback.

pretty sure this is winning.

after that, turned into a meeting heavy day, then csa pickup, then i kinda crashed (on account of the “up early” bit).

despite the winning feeling, and the pretty good meetings, also felt very unproductive, largely because i don’t have anything concrete to point to that i did on a code or ticket level.

sigh this is kind of a “fuck you and your expectations, brain” post, i guess.

quiet evening. got off a good tweet.

overall, did not think about the numeric coincidence of the date (2020-10-20) nearly as much as i would have expected i would.

lunch: pimento cheese sandwich

dinner: garden salad: mixed greens, argula, radishes, anaheim peppers, and tomatoes, with a balsamic vinaigrette