oh good i've been shot « covid.house

21 oct 2020 » day 221 for me & the kids; day 218 for TheWife

moderately productive day, but getting those “is this the best thing i colud be doing for this project” blues just a little bit. need to maybe resist getting pulled into things i don’t really need to be involved in a wee bit more? but everything is so interesting…

flu shot in the afternoon. ms18 is extremely traumatized by this every year, but luckily we timed it so few other people were around, and the screaming and wailing didn’t seem to bother the medical staff that much.

back home in the afternoon; actually wrote some real code for the first time in a few days. felt kinda good.

spent some quality time after dinner with the voter guides and my ballot. most of it was pretty straightforward, but i really went back and forth on 110.

lunch: sandwich

dinner: chicken enchiladas, black beans