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4 nov 2020 » day 236 for me & the kids; day 233 for TheWife

this ended up being an extremely long work day. normally we release on tuesdays, but this week delayed that to wednesday — and then ended up pushing it out again to thursday to give us time to apply some cloud environment changes in advance of the software updates.

i spent about 13 or 14 hours today doing the terraform hustle to update the cloud environment, then testing the changes were there and working as expected, and then working through some bugs that only showed up when testing the new features in the cloud environment.

(y’all the serverless thing is great but i really gotta sit down and figure out a better way to simulate that environment other than “deploy a dev branch to the test environment and fuck with it until it works then push the changes for review” because …sheeeeeeit.)

after about three “one more things”, i finally got it all working and went to bed.