day two of five «

12 jul 2022 » day 850 for me & the kids; day 847 for TheWife

Slept okay, not great. Awake at 0445, 0530, and finally gave up around 0630. Complementary breakfast, less-than-mediocre coffee, and then a solid day of work (mostly meetings), interrupted only by a mid-day RAT about 24 hours after my initial contact with Mx15 (negative!) and some delivered KFC for lunch (Mx15’s choice). I hadn’t had it before but dutifully report that the KFC spicy chicken sandwich is inferior to the Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich in all possible ways.

Took a post-lunch nap that stretched a bit longer than planned — I think my relief at the negative RAT translated into the first actual relaxation since the Sunday morning phone call that started this “adventure” — followed by more work, and delivery pizza for dinner.

Mx15 is starting to feel a little stir-crazy, and they’re still under the weather, but seem to be experiencing “bad cold” level sympotms so far. The Wife, with the patience of a saint, suffered through getting access to the CA KP system (which is different from the OR-WA KP system…) to be able to talk to a local advice nurse about Paxlovid, only to learn that given their age and current symptoms, it’s not indicated. Knock wood that things continue in the same vein and we don’t need to revisit that.

Decided to kill some time getting this site back operational, at least for the duration. Have some infrastructure work to deal with to do it properly, but at the moment, I should be able to publish the last three days worth of updates at least.

And then an early bedtime…