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18 mar 2024 » day 1 of my funemployment

Welcome to the third chapter of

As you may have read on my main blog, I’ve recently given notice at my (now prior) job, initially without a replacement lined up. I’ve corrected that issue — more about what I’m going to be doing once we’re a little closer to my start date of April 29th – but it leaves me a good solid six weeks between the two gigs …“funemployment”, as the kids say.

I’ve got a long list of things I’d like to accomplish — more about that later as well — but I’m a little worried that I’m going to end up not accomplishing as much as I’d like, and I know once I start the new gig, that’s going to consume quite a lot of my attention, so I’d really like to stay focused on both getting things checked off that list, but also making sure I’m really enjoying the time off, relaxing, etc.

To that end, I thought I’d spin this journal back up for the duration, and see if talking about this stuff in public will drive some accountability around alla that. I guess we’ll see…

Today was a bit hectic in the morning — I needed to get TheWife to an ortho followup for her messed-up knee, and I needed to get Ms21 delivered to her internship program, and those two things needed to happen at essentially the same time. We ended up squaring that circle by dropping TheWife off way too early, then I delivered Ms21, then rushed back to the doc office to catch the end of her appointment. Bad news: it is not, as we were initially told, a “near complete” tear of the ACL, it’s just a full tear. Good news: TheWife got her brace unlocked, so she can bend her knee, and she got cleared to do as much as she is comfortable with as far as bending, moving around with or without crutches, and even starting to ween off the brace. PT is going to be in touch. All in all it was a a good appointment; she’s scheduled for a phone follow up in six weeks.

After that morning excitement, I returned TheWife home, and then headed downtown to my local for coffee and some general reflection time. This is something I should not fall into the habit of doing every day, but it was a nice leisurely break after the hectic running around of the initial morning.

I returned home and spent the morning shuffling between doing loads of laundry and cleaning out our basement pantry area — we had a ton of early pandemic-era stuff hanging around, as well as a bunch of expired stuff in the fridge, all of which got cleaned up and disposed of, in advance of a larger amount of re-arrangement for that area.

After lunch (drivethru fastfood burgers), I spent some time reading a Rust book before deciding that maybe I needed to back up and first read a more introductory-level Rust book.

Miscellaneous chores and picking up Ms21 at the end of her internship day rounded out the afternoon. I had been planning to grill burgers for dinner, but the hamburger hadn’t quite thawed out, we’d had the fastfood burgers for lunch, and really I just wasn’t feeling the cooking so we ordered some pizza for dinner instead. After dinner and cleanup, I built a backyard firepit fire and enjoyed that, before giving up and going to bed.

Day 1, in the books.

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