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19 mar 2024 » day 2 of my funemployment

The day started off with the usual routine of dog walking, chicken loosing, dishwasher unloading, coffee making, and breakfast prep for Ms21, but when I hopped in the shower, I noticed that the drain …wasn’t. (Un)fortunately, this has been enough of a recurrent problem with this house that I was aware of it right away — but it also meant that a pretty big portion of my day was devoted to getting things flowing again.

After my aborted shower, I dropped Ms21 off at her internship program, and returned home. I spent around an hour getting this site back up and functional, extending the header so that it counts funemployment days instead of pandemic days (but leaves the older pandemic day counts alone), and correcting an off-by-one bug in the dates that has probably been there forever. It was a tiny little bit of fun coding stuff to start the day.

Most of the rest of the day revolved around dealing with the aforementioned drain clog, and doing a comprehensive inventory of the, frankly, silly amount of freezer space we have. I also squeezed in a little post-lunch nap.

After I picked Ms21 back up from her program and got us both home, I finally conceded to myself that the drain wasn’t going to resolve itself, so I broke out the plunger and got things moving again. After I sprayed the shower down with bleach water, Mr17 and I headed out to the gym.

We’ve been working through Couch to Barbell, and today was the next-to-last day of the second phase of the program. We’re both looking forward to a short break and then getting into barbell work in phase 3. Once back home, I also rowed 5K – closing in on my 2 million lifetime mark! – and cleaned the ashes out of both the grill and the firepit. After that, I rinsed down the shower, then myself.

Following a quick dash to the grocery store to pick up buns, I whipped up some hamburgers and grilled them up, enjoying what is probably the last day of our current run of nice weather. After dinner, a friend of TheWife’s came over to pick up some eggs (we have so many eggs right now omg), drink some wine, and chit-chat. That pretty much rounded out the day.

And so it goes…

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