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24 mar 2024 » day 7 of my funemployment

Mr17 and I took a shoe pic in the airport because of course we did

The alarm went off at 4am. It got snoozed a few times, but eventually we got up, got ready, got out the door, and were in the Alaska lounge at PDX by 0530. This was the Sunday before Spring Break for most (all?) of the state of Oregon, so the airport was pretty busy.

Our completely full (and actually legit completely full, I checked on my way to the head) flight was fine; we had decent tail winds so it was only a little over 4 hours to JFK. Rental car pickup was smooth, and the traffic out to our hotel wasn’t horrible, by NYC standards.

We had an early dinner in the hotel restaurant (kinda meh, but very convenient), and then I watched the Thorns lose their home opener, sadly. Early lights out.

Tomorrow, Hofstra!