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23 mar 2024 » day 6 of my funemployment

Moderately hectic Saturday: bunch of stuff around the house in the morning, then mid-day I drove up to PDX to pick up TheSIL, who is going to be staying with TheGimpyWife while Mr17 and I are out of town.

Got back home, made a grocery store run, got everything packed, and then drove back up to PDX with Mr17 to overnight in a PDX-adjacent hotel in advance of our 07-ohmygawd-20 flight tomorrow.

Dinner at a completely mediocre American “wood-fired” joint near the airport; one of those places where you realize you were there 4 years ago and it sucked then too. Finished off the night watching the Timbers absolutely suck.

The alarm is gonna go off way too early tomorrow…

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