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27 mar 2024 » day 10 of my funemployment

Today was our Ithaca College visit. We got up, grabbed a bagel from a place across the street from the hotel, hung out in the room a little, walked around town a bit.

I didn’t want to pay to get the car out of the garage, so we decided to walk up to the college from downtown — keyword, “up”. It was about 1.5 miles, with ~500 feet of elevation gain, or just over a 6% grade. Mr17 was not terribly happy with me, especially not after we ended up on the wrong side of campus and had to hustle all the way across to get in time for the info session — but we made it. We had a good, enjoyable stroll back down to downtown, relaxed a little in the room, had an early dinner at a local burger joint/alehouse, and then read to close out the evening.

Tomorrow: a visit to Syracuse, and then we storm NYC!