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28 mar 2024 » day 11 of my funemployment

After a little bit of a slow start, eventually we got on the road, and drove up the “scenic” (aka “backroads af”) route from Ithaca to Syracuse. Took a little bit longer, but also let us see some of the more rural areas of upstate New York.

We unfortunately were not able to book one of the organized group tours of Syracuse, and so we had to settle for the “self-tour” option …which was pretty unsatisfying. Particularly given that the online instructions for it sent us to the former location of the Admissions office as the jump-off point for the tour, and then once we walked most of the way across campus back to the current location, the only real documentation they had was a QR code, which, when scanned, wanted us to walk back to the previous location to start the tour. Also not super great, the online tour was basically a front-on photo of the building, without a ton of description about what happens inside it. …so we bailed kinda early and got back on the road, headed back down to NYC.

We had a couple of pit stops, for lunch and a snack, and eventually made it back to the JFK Hertz around 7pm — not helped at all by the completely fucked up wiper on the driver’s side of the rental car. (The Hertz drop-off person got a bit of an earful…) Once we dropped off the car, we took the JFK AirTrain to the LIRR, the LIRR to the subway, and the subway to the hotel, deep in the Financial District. After we got checked in, we grabbed a quick slice at a nearby pizza joint. Bed soon after.

Tomorrow: Pace!