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1 apr 2024 » day 15 of my funemployment

TheWife let me sleep in a bit, which I really appreciated. She and TheSIL took Ms21 to work while I slowly got moving. A little later, I drove TheSIL back up to PDX for her flight home, and then I took a leisurely back-way drive back home.

I went back out a little bit later and had a salad at my regular haunt downtown, and then killed a little bit of time at City Hall until Ms21 was done with work.

Got back home, had a little nap, and then started Kondo-ing in the garage: tossed some old political campaign signs, stashed the lumber pile up into the rafters (not sure I’m gonna be able to get some of the bigger pieces down again…), and generally tidied up maybe 10% of the stuff that needed it.

Dinner was takeout burgers, fetched by Mr17; following that TheWife and I had some braincandy TV to wind down, and then hit the sack.