chipping away at the garage «

2 apr 2024 » day 16 of my funemployment

Got up and got going, dropping off Ms21 and returning home to clean up more of the garage — made a decent-sized dint in some old junk disposal, and getting bike rack/hook/wall-hanger things installed.

Took a break and a shower, and then headed out to the styrofoam recycling place and the dump — which I discovered is closed for much of the month of April, which is pretty annoying.

I returned home with my trunk of undisposed-of electronic stuff and stashed it in the garage for the moment; there’s probably a run up to Woodburn in my future. After that I got some tacos downtown and hung out for a bit enjoying the weather, until it was time to pick up Ms21.

Home after that for a bit of a nap, then some leftovers for an early dinner, and then I headed out to Santiam for a makerspace social meeting. Home and bed followed.