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4 apr 2024 » day 18 of my funemployment

I got up and managed to confirm that my theory about the Emacs config problem I’d been having was correct, so a bunch of my morning got frittered away with that. Then I dropped Ms21 off at work, and went to get some more coffee.

I managed to nerdsnipe myself into doing yet more Emacs configuration tweaks, which stretched into about one cup of coffee too much, and frens, the rest of the day was sort of a jittery unproductive mess. I did do a little work starting to stage my office re-arrangement, I did some reading …but mostly I couldn’t focus on anything

Picked Ms21 up from work, took a bit of a fitful nap, ran to the store to get stuff to make nachos out of some leftover carnitas, and then finished off the day with braincandy TV with TheWife.

Less coffee tomorrow, I reckon.