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3 apr 2024 » day 17 of my funemployment

Regular morning: got going, got Ms21 to work, got coffee at Archive.

Came back home and ended up playing Starfield for a good chunk of the morning; also did some planning towards office re-arrangement. After a fast-food takeout lunch, I took a little nap, then got Ms21 from work.

A new release of Forgejo reminded me that I hadn’t automated installing a new release yes, so I finishing munging my existing get-new-gitea script into get-new-forgejo, which was satisfying.

We ended up getting some pizza delivered for dinner — I have pretty much abdicated any sort of menu planning or cooking this week, I guess — and then TheWife and I watched some braincandy TV for a bit. I also fell into an Emacs configuration update hole, so after she went to bed, I stayed up for another hour or so, trying to get things just right. When the clock hit midnight, I wasn’t quite done, but I went to bed anyway. Right as I was dropping off to sleep, I came up with what’s probably the solution to the last problem I was having, but I did not hop back out of bed to test it. Go me.

Today was the first day when I had to pause and really think about what the day of the week was, so I guess funemployment is good?