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9 apr 2024 » day 23 of my funemployment

Got up and rollin’ and dropped off Ms21. Continued on to Archive for a coffee and some reflection about yesterday’s meh day before working out a todo list for Tuesday.

Next stop was Harbor Freight, where the main purchase was a workbench for the garage — but I also grabbed a new driver bit set (because the current one is pissing me off) and some tarps (because as anybody from New Hampshire will tell you, you can never have too many blue tarps).

Got back home and employed the time-honored tradition of “unpack that thing out of the back of the car because there’s no way one person is lifting it out” and then proceeded to build it. No mishaps other than some scrapes and a moderate amount of cursing.

I took the massive pile of styrofoam packing material over to the special recycling place, grabbed a fast food burger, and then picked up Ms21, all in one fell swoop.

Got back home, took a little nap, did some more work in the garage, then took the grocery getter over to the grocery store for some beer. I’d intended to make chicken wangs, but I didn’t get them brining at the right spot in the day (and they were still a little frozen), so instead we had the grilled sausages that had been scheduled for Thursday. It was grilling out weather anyway, so it all worked out.

After, TV and bed.

todo tracking: 11/23