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10 apr 2024 » day 24 of my funemployment

TheWife handled the Ms21 dropoff today, so I got to sleep in just a little bit. Once I got up and got going, I started working on Kondo-ing the basement, identifying and staging things to move out to the garage.

After an early fast-food lunch, I had a noon-time massage, which was fantastic. My lower back was a little unhappy with me because of all the recent lifting and shifting, and getting bent into pretzel shapes was exactly what I (and it) needed.

I bounced back home, got back into street clothes, and then picked up Ms21 pretty soon after that. More work in the basement and the garage triggered a quick run to the hardware store for various hooks and pegboard accouterments, which led to some satisfying installations and hanging stuff up. The garage is looking way better!

Around 5pm, I washed up, rode the grocery getter over to pick up some supplies, and then I grilled steaks and potatoes. It was quite satisfying.

The usual TV and reading rounded out the day.

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