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11 apr 2024 » day 25 of my funemployment

Got up, dropped Ms21 off, and continued on to the usual coffee spot. Did a bit of noodling on the day, then ran some errands (mailing FedGov taxes, getting a few more hooks at Ace Hardware), and then returned home. Spent the rest of the morning working between the basement and the garage.

Met a friend for lunch in the next little town over, had a good catchup chat. Returned home and picked up Ms21, then took a kinda lengthy nap. Spent a little time after that managing the queue for stuff we’re trying to Freecycle (gawd I loathe FB Messenger), then cooked some chicken wangs for dinner (shoutout to TheWife for assisting with the buffalo sauce and the corn…) and we ended up doing the usual TV/reading thing before bed.

todo tracking: 12/15