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31 mar 2020 » day 17 for me & the kids; day 14 for TheWife

slept kinda poorly, and woke up a couple of times. not a fan.

did see one piece of good news this morning: based on updated projections, the COVID “peak” for Oregon has shifted from april 23rd to may 5th — which is good news, because it implies a longer shallower peak where hospital resource needs stay within hospital resource limits. hoping the underlying model isn’t being overly optimistic and that people continue to stay the fuck home as much as they can.

otherwise, fairly standard work day around here, or what passes for one these days: breakfast (today: apple and coffee) around 0730, into the office around 0900, first half hour or so planning the day, and then into it. had a couple of calls today — one internal, one a regular “co-mentoring” style check-in with some peers — followed by a late solo lunch. the fam had gotten tired of waiting on me and eaten earlier.

my afternoon was spent getting a bunch of project management-type stuff done for a project… only to find out near the end of the day that the project is on hold while the partner sorts some financial stuff out. i went ahead and finished getting things set up on our end, anyway. if and when it comes back, we should be able to get back up to speed almost instantly.

TheWife cooked dinner. during that, we talked a bit about how the local school district got totally boned by the state department of education last night. feeling a little bummed for everybody that works there, because they came back from break, had one day worth of gearing up to execute one plan, and then found out — probably just this morning — that they’re doing something completely different now, due to direction from the state.

odd weather today: intermittently quite sunny, then quite dark. hailed hard enough a few times there were (short-lived) drifts of hailstones; also poured rain out of a brilliantly sunny sky. spring in oregon continues.

after dinner, i checked in with my capitalist raccoon overlord, did the dishes, and wrote this. oh, and in site meta-news, i changed the permalink format for day entries, but will leave the content that got published under the old URLs up for a good long while.

lunch: sandwich, chips

dinner: posole