april cool’s day « covid.house

1 apr 2020 » day 18 for me & the kids; day 15 for TheWife

it seemed like i slept a little bit better last night, or at least didn’t wake up in the middle of the night. so that was nice.

realizing as i write this up that i completely forgot to mention there was a M6.5 earthquake in Idaho yesterday. it was in the national news cycle for about 17 seconds and has already been completely swept away by the gestures around at everything.

the highlight of my day came pretty darn early: after taking care of a work call that needed to happen first thing, i threw on the water resistant hoodie, grabbed my trusty loppers, and slogged out into the rainy yard to trim a branch off one of our many bay trees. the branch had gotten to be just long enough to scrape against the screen of one of the dining room windows when the wind blew it just right …and it sounded creepy af when it was dark out. so i fixed the hell out of that, and we’re marking this whole day in the “win” column as a result.

day was otherwise pretty slow: had a couple work calls, pushed some stuff around. i’m waiting to hear about a couple project balls that are in the air, but things are moving very slow right now. (pretty slow in most of the business world, from what i can gather…)

i purged my “misc electronics” drawers and discovered i have 3 different raspberry pis sitting around, plus some arduino board i got from i don’t even remember where. probably maybe should do something with some of them, maybe?

i also tweaked on this site a bit. there’s now a latest link that should always take you to the latest entry. i fixed the date calculation stuff that i broke when i changed the permalink format yesterday. set things up so it’ll look nicer when i post links to social media sites. little things like that.

for dinner, TheWife and i both decided we were tired of cooking. we tried to order takeout from a downtown restaurant, but they either wouldn’t answer their phone or their line was busy, so we gave up and just ordered pizza. yay, pizza.

yesterday, i mentioned some good news about the projected peak date in oregon getting pushed out. that was based on this tweet. seems only fair to mention that the underlying model is controversial as far as how accurate some of its underlying assumptions are. we are, of course, going to have a front row seat as that gets experimentally tested over the next few months…

lunch: sandwich, last of the potato chips

dinner: delivery pizza