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7 apr 2020 » day 24 for me & the kids; day 21 for TheWife

we once again had the singularly unpleasant experience of being woken around 3am by a retching dog. pro-tip: when you’re springing out of bed as quickly as possible to prevent a puking dog from starting to eat the puke they’ve just puked up, turn on a light and look at where you’re going to be putting your foot down on the floor first. otherwise, you might get to remember that fresh dog puke, in addition to all its other redeeming qualities, is warm. (you’re welcome.)

mostly uneventful day, despite the start. several work calls. i learned, yet again, that having a call first thing in the morning means i really need to get intto the office earlier than usual, so i can complete my normal morning routine before the call — because otherwise, i find myself saying “what was i gonna do today?” around 3pm and that, folks, is no bueño.

TheWife went and did a grocery pickup around noon, so we have doritos again! and i got more coke zero, so i don’t have to feel quite so much like i’m burning irreplaceable resources when i drink one! whoo.

the dog puked one more time, in the afternoon, but it was after i tried to give her a little time outside on the stake-and-lead and she thanked me by promptly eating a bunch of grass. which she later showed to me. sigh

aside from the couple puking incidents (which we’re clalking up to (a) too much food yesterday, too quickly and (b) the grass), she seems fine and normal. we continue to give her the medicine the vet sent home, and feed her several small meals throughout the day. although, if she pukes again tomorrow, we’re probably gonna have to give the vet a call back to find out if we should take her back in.

later in the afternoon, TheWife and Ms13 ventured out to pick up some art supplies for Michael’s, in advance of a virtual girl school painting party this sunday. they also took the opportunity to get us takeout from noble wave for dinner. it was nice to have cheese curds again!

we sat down and did some work on getting Ms17 set up for distance learning after dinner. she’s in a special education class about half the day, with the rest in “mainstream” classes — but she has a para-educator with her for those. i am completely at a loss for how we’re both going to continue to work full time and get her any sort of semblance of an education for the remainder of this year. we don’t have the time or the training, and from the directions we’re getting from the folks at the high school (the “mainstream” teachers), they are somewhere between scrambling and floundering to pull this all together before their scheduled start on the 13th. time will tell, but i’m expecting the overall level of stress in this house to have a substantial increase next week…

in the greater covid world: John Prine died today. the US almost reached 400,000 confirmed COVID cases; the whole world is at almost 1.5 million. US deaths broke 10,000 early today and ended the day at almost 13,000. there’s some indication the currently hardest hit locations are cresting, but there’s still hard weeks to go before real drops in the death curve are expected to be seen …and other places are starting to ramp up. we’ve a long way to go.

lunch: turkey, salami, sopressa sandwich; doritos

dinner: noble wave takeout (curds!)