just kind of a “grrrrarrrr” kinda day « covid.house

8 apr 2020 » day 25 for me & the kids; day 22 for TheWife

in a refreshing change, we were not awakened by a vomiting dog at any point overnight. (and there was also a lack of the dreaded, slept-thru, surprise puke puddles!)

out to work around 0900. intended to spend a bit of time doing a thing. ended up sponding that time doing another thing instead. (sorry for the lack of detail around work, but most of it isn’t stuff that i can really readily share.)

broke for lunch a bit earlier than normal. prior to making lunch, got a chicken stock going on the stove.

back to work after lunch. did the thing i had intended to do earlier in the day. along the way, ended up writing some elisp, which went better than that usually does for me. made a note to fork the library it depends on, add my function at that layer, and send in a pull request, just in case. (probably tomorrow for that.)

around 1630, pulled the solids out of the stock and moved it back up to a full boil. did some gardening while waiting for it to reduce. the girls took a walk around this time.

finished up the soup, which ended up being fantastic. (i think i got lucky with the salt, just between you and me.) quiet evening after dinner — 3 hands of Fluxx with Ms13 and TheWife, then we all sort of slowly drifted bedwards.

there were a couple points over the day where different combinations of the three people playing cards had “grrrarrr” sorts of moments of aggrevation, so it was nice we were able to sort of sit down and reset at the end of the day, instead of taking it to bed with us.

lunch: sandwiches, doritos

dinner: chicken noodle soup, garlic parm bread