slow thursday «

9 apr 2020 » day 26 for me & the kids; day 23 for TheWife

once again, no overnight dog puke! we’ve got a few more days of the hated medication and the smaller/more frequent feedings, but i think Sammy is most better. what a relief.

started out the day with a messed-up twitter feed, which was unexpectedly stressful. not sure how to go about getting a more resiliant social media experience that’s as well-rounded. will be a back-of-the-head ponder for a while, for sure.

into work around 0900. bit of this, bit of that, one call. really slow day. forked the library i used to do my little elisp thing yesterday, added my function to that, and sent in a pull request. repo hasn’t been touched since 2015 so i don’t have a strong expectation of it getting merged any time soon, but it was easy enough to do.

helped Ms17 with a test class meeting in the afternoon. seemed to go fairly well and i think she enjoyed seeing some of the other kids in her class. still not sure how this distance education thing is gonna work out long-term.

mail carrier delivered our first electric bill since The Isolation started, and it was surprisingly large — although kinda obvious in hindsight. we’re all home all the time, we’re cooking more, running the dishwasher more, etc etc.

weather today was gorgeous — the first really solid “spring almost summer” day here — and i seized the chance to do something that i’d been waiting to do since some time in january or february: install a threshold underneath the door into the garage, to block dirt and pine needles from getting blown into the garage. i’d purchased this thing way back when, without realizing it relied on a couple strips of 3M adhesive to stick the thing down — and the instructions said the surface it was being applied to had to be over 50°F.

so, today was finally the day! i needed to carve out a pair of notches on either end so it would fit around the door moulding. pretty sure that handsaw wasn’t intended for aluminum, but i eventually got it done. went to put it in place and …shit. it was sized for a 5/8ths inch gap — and i would have sworn there was that much space under that door — but the door wouldn’t close over it. sigh

i ended up installing it outside the door in a way that will hopefully block at least some of the crap that gets blown in, and i’m going to search the hardware store website and see if we can’t buy something online and get it via curbside pick up, but i cannot lie, it was a pretty disappointing afternoon.

sitting out on my office deck, drinking a couple beers, and finishing the data structures and algorithms book helped me get over it, as did the pizza we had delivered for dinner.

in wider world news: the US broke 450,000 confirmed cases today. 1.6 million world wide. global death toll will cross the 100,000 mark tomorrow. hunker down, friends. hunker down.

lunch: sandwiches

dinner: pizza