28 days later « covid.house

10 apr 2020 » day 27 for me & the kids; day 24 for TheWife

up as usual; out to the office around 0900. had a landmark with my unread queue. did some work on the company website, had a call to discuss an interesting new project we’re pitching.

broke for lunch, then had a bit of a laydown.

spent the afternoon playing with building out a graphql api for a side-project.

learned at the end of the day that the project i’ve been chasing for a bit is starting next week. not something i’ll be working on directly, but good news for the company!

sat out on the porch with a nice glass of wine for a bit, then heated up some leftover pizza for dinner. quiet evening hanging out after that.

in the wider world, the US broke 500,000 confirmed cases while the worldwide death total cracked 100,000.

lunch: sandwiches

dinner: leftover pizza