a saturday of firsts « covid.house

11 apr 2020 » day 28 for me & the kids; day 25 for TheWife

woke up sometime probably around 0400. eventually started looking at the hellsite on my phone rather than just tossing and turning. drifted back to sleep probably around 0515?

up for reals around 1000. had been entertaining the notion of doing some stuff out in the yard, but it didn’t end up happening. instead, got a ham roast into the slow cooker around 1100. worked through a javascript library tutorial, then made some sandwiches for lunch.

migrated out to my office, worked through a different javascript framework tutorial, and then took a nap.

woke up to finish prepping dinner — carnitas tacos. afterwards, TheWife, Ms13, and i played our inaugeral game of Catan. spot of tv, and then onwards to bed. yardwork tomorrow, perhaps?

lunch: sandwiches

dinner: crockpot carnitas (from a ham instead of the usual butt), black beans