thirty. days. «

12 apr 2020 » day 29 for me & the kids; day 26 for TheWife

rolled out of bed around 0930. i was fairly slow to get going today, but around 1030 or 1100 i migrated out to my office and started working my way through my weekly review ritual.

took a break around 1300 for lunch, then headed back out to the office. finished up the weekly review, and moved on to setting up Gitea on my server — a long-standing TODO item, finally checked off. got it all set up and tweaked, and then i migrated a few repos over to it from GitHub and GitLab. i’m looking forward to consolidating all my personal repositories into a single place i own.

TheWife and Ms13 had a virtual group painting session with Ms13’s girl scout troupe from 1700-1900, so dinner ended up being a bit late. after that, TheWife and i sat down and calendared out when the kids have school stuff, as “distance learning” begins tomorrow. i expect this coming week to be kinda stressful as we — and especially the girls — adapt to a new routine after a month of essentially being on vacation.

(also, let’s pause for just a second and reflect that yes, holy shit, we’ve been in The Isolation for 30 entire days. and we’re probably not at the halfway point yet. whee)

sat down for a bit and hacked on the side project before bed, mainly project scaffolding and cleanup type stuff. made some tickets for myself in that shiny new gitea instance. fun fun fun.

lunch: leftover pizza

dinner: leftover chicken noodle soup and bread