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13 apr 2020 » day 30 for me & the kids; day 27 for TheWife

up at 0630, charging into the workweek …or something.

out to the office around 0830. routine morning stuff, then into a 3 hour block of calls in the middle of the day. late lunch after that, and i had a good mail day. didn’t quite make it all the way back into a really “productive” space post-lunch, but to be fair it was past 1500 at that point.

i did manage to get a scratch instance of wiki.js running locally so TheWife and Ms13 could kick the tires on it and see how it handled. we’ve had a house wiki for, like, decades, but Oddmuse is a bit long in the tooth and it felt like time for a change.

the girls started “distance learning” today — Ms17 had a class and did a number of assignments; Ms13’s classes are all on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but she also worked though some assignments today. i don’t think Ms17 is a huge fan so far. i think Ms13 is enjoying the structure of having assigned work again though.

one reason for getting the wiki upgraded — although it has also been on the “rainy day” part of my TODO list for some time — is to provide us all with a collective space where we can keep track of what school work needs to be done and what’s been done and ugh. it continues to be stressful, mainly because we don’t have great visibility.

gave my mom a quick call before working on dinner. they’re doing fine and seem to be isolating as much as is practical for the small rural town they live in. their county has had 4 confirmed cases so far, including one nursing home worker who also worked part time at the town liquor store. (yes, the town liquor store.) she’d worked a shift there before coming down with symptoms and getting a positive test result, so the liquor store had to be closed down for two weeks so everybody else who worked there could quarantine. (this is very big news in a very small town!)

after dinner, everybody seemed a bit tuckered out, but then again, this was probably the busiest day we’ve all had in quite a while.

lunch: sandwich, chips

dinner: ham-nitas burrito