new notebook day «

26 apr 2020 » day 43 for me & the kids; day 40 for TheWife

new green moleskine with a smolrobots sticker
new notebook day is always a good day...

Up early for a Sunday, around 0730. Low energy morning, went straight into weekly review stuff, which consumed most of the morning.

The other distraction was trying to figure out why I’d been (apparently, anyway) shadow banned from Twitter. Later on in the day, I changed something in my profile, and the shadow ban seems to have gone away …but who knows why or when and if it will return?

(Those of you who are completely confused by the former paragraph should probably just move right along and not try to understand. It’ll be for the best if you just shake your head and mutter, “nerd shit”, really.)

Took a break for lunch. Ate more of the amazing pizza from last night’s dinner. Amazing pizza is all gone now.

After lunch, migrated back out to my office but ended up taking a lengthy nap instead of doing anything more productive. After that, fucked around on my other blog a bit, started drafting a second post, and almost immediately got sucked into some yak shaving instead.

Called Mom to check in, and chatted with her for a bit. Felt bad because they’re having Internet problems and there’s not a ton of remote troubleshooting you can do beyond “did you try rebooting the modem”. (She had, several times.)

dinner plate with pork chops, roast asparagus, fresh bread
dinner was pan-fried pork chops, roast asparagus, and fresh bread

Cooked up a pretty decent dinner, and in relatively short order too. Tiny bit of farting around after that, but I expect a pretty early bedtime, in advance of tomorrow’s return to the (virtual) salt mines.

lunch: left-over pizza

dinner: see photo at right