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27 apr 2020 » day 44 for me & the kids; day 41 for TheWife

woke up around 0630. i’ve been having some back and/or hip pain for a couple weeks or so — certainly long enough that i’d probably have tried to set up a doc visit about it, in The Before Times, or at least talked to my trainer about it. instead it’s been vitamin I and sucking it up. felt a bit better this morning, either because i’d made a concerted effort to not sleep on that side all night, or because we got a new mattress topper. (or both?) hopefully it’ll continue to improve and i won’t have to focus on not sleeping specifically on that hip, because it made for a restless sort of night.

ms13 caused the rain this morning
ms13 caused the rain this morning

over the weekend, ms13 did some chalk drawing in the driveway, so clearly the rain we had for the first half of the day was her fault. i think we’ve reached the usual “two steps forward, one step back” stage of oregon spring…

pretty full morning full of meetings. luckily, a peer/mentor meeting semi-spontaneously relocated to tomorrow so i got to eat lunch before the last meeting of the day. after that, finished up one phase of the work i’d been doing on work’s website and pushed it out to the production site. got the next bit queued up for pushing tomorrow morning.

did some more open source cleanup work in the early evening, including (frustratingly) learning that the tests for a project have been broken in ci for …who knows how long, because the project is stable and hasn’t really had any changes for about 15 months. beat my head against that yak for a while before finally disabling the failing test. (hey, it was really only an author-specific test, and it was better than disabling the ci integration completely, right?)

frustrating day, overall, for a variety of reasons. decided that maybe an early bedtime was in my best interests. strong “how is it only monday?” feels as i wrap up the day…

in the broader world, within the last 24 hours or so, we’ve crossed 3,000,000 confirmed cases and 200,000 deaths worldwide. we’re pushing 1,000,000 cases and have well exceeded 50,000 deaths in just the united states. and, several states are planning on going back to “business as usual” by the end of this week, on may day. i fear in a month or two, having this had happen on “mayday” will be extremely darkly ironic.

lunch: sandwich

dinner: leftover posole