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28 apr 2020 » day 45 for me & the kids; day 42 for TheWife

it’s a dog's life
it’s a dog's life

got up a wee bit after 0700. again focused on trying not to sleep on the hurting side, which made for interesting dreams but seemed to make it possible to get out of bed without as much cussing. here’s to that trend continuing.

ate breakfast, did the morning routine, and was out in my office around 0845. i had calls scheduled from 1000 to 1300 today. spent the hour beforehand planning out the rest of the day and thinking about those meetings.

did all the calls, then had a late solo lunch. (ms13’s school schedule is such that on tuesdays and thursdays, she only gets an hour for lunch, right at noon — so all the girls ate together.)

rested my eyes for about 20 minutes after that, then attacked my reading backlog. only 75 items in it! it’s getting harder to find things to read and remove. a few months ago this last was well over 200; now the things that are left tend to be book-length, or hour long conference talks.

i also decided that it was a good time to tackle cleaning up the company wiki. gonna try to remove all the old out of date stuff and maybe — if i get really ambitious and/or desperate — cleaning up and better cross-referencing and organizing the relevant information that’s left. picked some low-hanging fruit today by removing the personal spaces of people that left the company last decade.

worked on a blog post for a bit, until i got to the “take a walk and think” part of that process. then i took a walk. passed by — read: crossed the street to avoid — two different families of mom plus dad plus multiple kids. no masks. sigh

the walk got things unstuck and i started over on the blog post. took a dinner break when the pizza was delivered, then went back out in my office to finish the post. put it up, tweeted about it, then came in and got domestic: did the dinner dishes, cleaned the stove-top grills and the downdraft fan filter, and (drumroll) started a sourdough starter. (let no bandwagon remain unhopped upon, i guess…)

sat down with a glass of red and planned out the todo list for tomorrow, then headed to bed.

in the broader world: the us crossed 1,000,000 confirmed cases early today, as expected. several states continued with plans to begin allowing some businesses to reopen — all, as far as i can tell, well in advance of all the announced guidelines around re-opening. here in oregon, non-essential medical and dental procedures are being allowed again starting this coming friday.

i just hope future me isn’t looking back at this entry from the end of may and shaking his head sadly. (to be clear: i hope future me is looking back from the end of may, but i’d much rather he be thinking, “boy we dodged that bullet”, or something to that effect…)

lunch: sandwich

dinner: delivery pizza