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29 apr 2020 » day 46 for me & the kids; day 43 for TheWife

crawled out of bed around 0700. strangely discombobulated morning.

i was out in the office around 0845. had calls from 0900 until just about noon. second new project kickoff in less than a week. exciting times.

made sandwiches for the fam and had lunch. caught a brief 15 minutes of eye rest, and then was back up for a meeting at 1300 …that i ended up not being required for.

instead, did some more work on the company website, cleaned up a chunk of wiki pages, did a little bit of this, little bit of that.

was headed out for a walk around 1630 when it started absolutely POURING. went back out to my office instead.

spent a little bit of time getting my keyboard.io model01 sketch building again. reflashed the keyboard a few times. i’d gotten so behind the master that it was easier to just replace the .ino file with the one from upstream and then slowly port my customizations back into it, one by one, rather than deal with figuring out the merge conflicts. i got the basic keyboard layout ported back to dvorak with my special extra layer modifications, but i still need to get the space cadet and the modright stuff working before i’ll be “done”.

we got groceries delivered this afternoon, and TheWife did a pickup run from a second grocery store — not ideal, really; just how the stores’ schedules worked out. the fridge is rather full at the moment. ended up having leftover pizza because that was the biggest bang for the buck in terms of freeing up fridge space.

quiet evening after dinner — put the various bins out at the curb for pickup tomorrow, fed the sourdough starter, watched a spot of tv.

lunch: sandwich

dinner: leftover pizza