don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, april «

30 apr 2020 » day 48 for me & the kids; day 45 for TheWife

slept in a bit and generally had a slow start to the day.

bit worried about my car. TheWife drove it to get groceries yesterday, and something was goofy with the liftgate. i needed to move it today, and got a “low battery” light and a real slow crank when i was starting it — but in the end, it caught and fired up. liftgate was being goofy again though. don’t really want to think about having to deal with getting it serviced right now…

picture of 'fuck 2020' sticker with large rooster
seriously. so hard.

the reason for moving the car was in case various delivery folks wanted to pull all the way through our driveway. today was a banner delivery day: a foam roller, 20 pounds of all-purpose flour, some lovely stickers (pictured at left), and new iPhone SEs for TheWife and i. kind of excited about downsizing from the 8 Plus. probably get those set up tomorrow…

regular-ish work day: some calls, and some administrative cleanup work.

spent some more time in the late afternoon working on my keyboard firmware, and got everything back to working. (if that tweet doesn’t make any sense, perhaps this one will be easier to understand.) i think i’m going to put in the work to actually finish and document the one plugin i wrote, since i’ve got all the workings in my head now, and because i think it would be cool if it forced you to use all the proper modifier combinations, not just shift, and i think i see how to do that.

failed at taking a walk again. quiet dinner and a quiet evening to round out the day.

lunch: sandwich

dinner: chicken caesar salad.