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1 may 2020 » day 49 for me & the kids; day 46 for TheWife

took the day off from work, for no good reason. still got up around 0730, but had a leisurely morning and didn’t make it out to the office until after 10am.

spent most of the morning futzing around with my keyboard firmware and a plugin i wrote for it. i extended the plugin to be more configurable.

the firmware is written in a language i don’t program in much (c++), so it was sort of nice to re-activate that corner of my brain.

stopped for lunch and then took an accidental two hour nap. whoops

spent the afternoon puttering around with various websites. made a now page, ran prettier over things, bit of this, bit of that.

leftover pizza for dinner, followed by more puttering, Sherlock, and a bit of wine.

it’s a bit wild to think this marks seven weeks of The Isolation …and no end in sight.

lunch: sandwich

dinner: leftover pizza