s’all good saturday « covid.house

2 may 2020 » day 50 for me & the kids; day 47 for TheWife

got up around 0830. was actually awake for a bit around 0400, but managed to get back to sleep, at least for a while longer. had a quiet hour or so to myself before the rest of the house got up and about.

after a bit of breakfast, mixed up a batch of dough per the “Artisan Bread In Five Minutes A Day” cookbook. left that rising on the counter while i grabbed a shower.

out of the shower and straight into making some lunch.

then, headed out to the office. vacuumed it — normally a thing i do on fridays when the dog is at daycare, but …dog ain’t going to daycare. so.

spent a bit of time setting up the new phone, and migrating everything over to it. particularly time-consuming: porting the 2FA stuff. (because “porting” really means, “turning it off and back on again”. ugh.)

lost track of time for a bit whilst doing the phone dance, and didn’t get the bread dough into the fridge when i should have. ho hum.

took a walk. saw some flowers; decided to test out the camera on the new phone.

an unidentified white flower from a tree
no idea what sort of flowers these are

dinner ended up being a bit late — sort of ad hoc’d a tomato basil saurce over pan-fried chicken breast over some whole wheat fusili, with leftover asparagus, and the bread, which was tasty if not particularly photogenic.

a loaf of bread a loaf of bread, cut in half
loaf #1

quiet evening sitting around with a glass of wine and some television.

(also: day 50 holy shit when was the last time you can remember fifty days in a row of something? geez, this is all gonna seem so quaint on day 100. and day 200. and… collapses sobbing into glass of box cab sauv)

lunch: sandwich

dinner: pan-fried chicken with garlic/tomato/basil sauce, asparagus, bread