sourdough sunday «

3 may 2020 » day 50 for me & the kids; day 47 for TheWife

slept in a bit (because, sunday, hello). out of bed around 0930. leisurely bacon, egg, toast breakfast, courtesy of TheWife.

around 1100, started working on the baking project. took the overnight leaven and turned it into dough. spent the rest of the morning and into the early afternoon going back and forth between weekly review tasks and folding the dough.

a bowl with a ball of rough, shaggy dough a bowl with a ball of smooth dough
starting dough after mixing leaven with flour & dough after six rounds of folding and resting

took a brief break to finally build the shop in ACNH. i’ve almost completely quit playing, but i was the first person on the island, so Ms13 was totally stymied until i went in and delivered the final 30 iron ingots to the junior trash panda to kickstart the shop build. she’s been remarkably restrained about not bothering me about doing it too — probably far better than i would have been at her age.

also helped TheWife get her new phone set up. had a few frustrating failures before the data transfer worked, and then she spent a good chunk of the afternoon getting her 2FA stuff transferred over.

cleanup of the counter after getting the loaf into the oven sort of turned into “move everything off every countertop in the kitch and deep clean all of them”, so i guess that counts as an accomplishment for the day too. didn’t really intend to do that but it looks pretty good now and TheWife was certainly happy to wake up from a nap and find me in the middle of it.

two balls of dough on a counter a ball of dough on a floured towel in a proving basket
the two halves of the dough after the initial shape & the half that got baked tonight right before doing in the oven

the recipe i was using made two loaves, but it called for them to be cooked in a dutch oven, and we only have the one dutch oven — so one of them is going to rise overnight in the fridge. the other one baked up pretty well, i think? i might be beginning to see the appeal of this baking thing, after a couple decades of identifying very strongly as “just a cook”.

a baked loaf of bread the loaf of bread, cut in half
loaf #2

went out after dinner to check on my car, and found it dead. there’s something going on with the liftgate, but damned if i can see anything wrong back there. fortunately, we have a guy, and he’ll come by the house if we call, but it’s still annoying to have to deal with right now.

today was very much one of those days where it feels like i got nothing done, but looking back over it, many things got accomplished; just not the ones i was planning on. so it goes, sometimes.

lunch: kinda skipped lunch on account of that late breakfast

dinner: the last of the leftover posole